Never again!

My before and after pictures of my kitchen table, chairs and barstools.  I'm definetly jealous of the girls who love doing these kinds of projects cause I thought it sucked!  It was worth it but it was not fun.  So glad to be finished!! 


Asay turns 2 with Minnie!

Just a warning...there a several pictures in this post.
Asay turned 2 on March 21. We celebrated early by going to Toy Story 3 on ice. It was so fun and Asay loved it. This is the best picture we got cause she would not look away from the show.
We had Asay's birthday party on the 17th (St. Patty's Day). We did a Minnie Mouse theme and it turned out great. Asay had lots of friends and family that came to celebrate with her.

Jonelle and Karen came up for Asay's actual birthday. Karen got her this Minnie Pillow Pet and I'm sure you can tell by the picture that she loved it.
After lunch with Karen we went to the Logan Zoo with Jonelle.
In Aunt Jonelle's hat



Love these guys!
Totally random and unrelated... blue hot chocolate...Awesome! Thanks Jonelle.


Love, Love, Love

If you are in a slump and looking for something to read... look no further. Seriously, I absolutely loved this book. My dad claimed that the author is from the area where I grew up. She was doing a book signing at a bookstore there. My dad is all about supporting locals so he went not knowing anything about the author or her book. He read it and liked it and gave it to me to read. I was skeptical to say the least (maybe that's why I liked it so much). My dad usually reads books about the stock market or things from Glenn Beck so I was completely suprised by the book. I'm still laughing about the fact that my dad liked it:)

Anyways... it has romance, suspense and mystery. Loved it!


Farewell Fall

We have really enjoyed the fall and all the beauty it brings. Farewell until next year. I don't know about the rest of you but we already have plenty of snow up this direction. I took these pictures on our street. We have a lovely swamp behind our condo that brings in lots of unwanted bugs but it makes for pretty colors in the fall.


Oh Sandy

We had a blast this year for Halloween. We watched a ton of movies and ate way too much candy.

I was so excited to take Asay Trick-or-Treating this year but she is still a little young for it. I have never thought of her as being scared of things but Halloween kind of freaked her out:) We went to the American West Heritage Center with Jonelle to go Trick-or-Treating. They had animals and activities for the kids. I think Asay had a great time.

Asay and Jonelle (I mean Sandy and Amelia Earhart)
Asay wanted the candy but this kid freaked her out.

Danny and Sandy:)
These pictures don't show how awesome his hair turned out.

The loot.

We carved pumpkins with Codi, Kristy and Jessie.

This is Codi's pumpkin. It turned out awesome.

Asay painted her pumpkin.

This picture is for Josie. Haha. She is probably the only one who will get it.

It's a little snug:)

We went down to Ogden for the Drake Halloween party. It was so fun. Games, movies, fun costumes, good food and treats even with the weird homemade Rootbeer:)

So I was suppose to be opposite of Asay's costume but as you can see my skirt did not turn out Red. I found it at the DI and it was a minty green color. It was honestly the most hideous thing I had ever seen. I dyed it then added the record. It turned out pretty well considering what it started out as.

Nate and Christy

Asay was so scared of Nate until we told her he was just being silly. She wasn't totally convinced but she could at least look at him without crying.

Spence and Elissa

Asay giving Collin a hug. They are pretty cute together. Collin was the cutest little lion. He had a mane but for some reason I didn't get a picture with him wearing it.

Crysta and Asay

Dylan and Josh. Naughty, naughty:)


Aint that the Truth

I have never loved running like so many people I envy. I have gone through phases where I get over it and just do it and then phases where I forget what the inside of a gym looks like.